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Quality staff make the difference! They make the difference when the children and parents are met with a cheerful greeting and a smile. They make the difference when the children race through the center door asking about the special activity planned for that day. They make the difference when a child has difficulty with a homework problem or a conflict with a center friend, or when they just need someone to talk to. Quality staff make the difference when the parents walk into the center and see the children engaged in fun and enriching activities, all under the caring and watchful eye of Play Centers’ staff. Staff who play games, create bead necklaces, toss a football, sing songs, laugh, listen, teach, care. That is what Play Centers’ staff does to make the difference…the quality difference.

Play Centers’ staff are carefully selected based on educational qualifications, experience, talents and enthusiasm. We search for staff knowledgeable about the wide range of children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs and how to best plan and implement programs designed to meet those needs.

Our staff begin with a sound foundation and Play Centers builds on that foundation by providing our staff with extensive and on-going training. Focus areas include Child Development, Health and Safety (including First Aid and CPR), Nutrition, Special Needs, Curriculum Development, Professionalism, Behavior Management and Community Outreach.

Cheerful, enthusiastic, experienced and well-trained staff help make Play Centers your first choice for quality child care!

For information regarding staff qualification guidelines, please reference the Employment section of this website.