Pre-School/Kindergarten – Snacks & Meals

Nutritional snacks are an important aspect of the daily program and are provided at the center to children two years of age and older. Snacks that may be served include cheese, crackers, granola bars, fresh fruits and vegetables, pudding, 100% fruit juices, milk, and a variety other healthy foods.

It is the Parent’s responsibility to provide a nutritionally-sound lunch each day. Please send ready-to-eat items that can be served cold or at room temperature for your child to enjoy at lunchtime. We are unable to warm lunches for the children under the age of 5.

No microwaves, ovens or thermoses may be used. Only bottles
for infants/toddlers will be warmed.

Please keep in mind that soda, gum and candy are not appropriate for your child’s nutritional needs.